Tuesday, June 7, 2016


South Australia is doomed economically with Premier Weatherill demonizing the element CARBON.....has Weatherill every studied chemistry and learnt that CARBON is the most wonderful element in the Periodic Table and forms more compounds than ALL the every elements put together? You don't demonize carbon....carbon and CO2 must be cherished.

Premier Weatherill has foolish plans to make Adelaide the world's first carbon neutral city in the world. "We have already begun the transition to a low carbon economy" he says. The man's mad, like the former Premier Mike Rann, whose goal was to make South Australia the leader in renewable energy ......yes, we unfortunately have plenty of wind farms, and also the highest price for electricity, comparable to that in Germany. WRONG OBJECTIVE......sorry, we don't want any wind turbines.

He says "we have the ability to produce almost all our energy from clean and renewable sources and export this energy to the rest of Australia". The Premier is dreaming. Such an objective is a nonsense and dangerous. It is important and wise that any region have at least 50 % of electricity produced from base-load sources, like coal, gas and nuclear. Hydro power is valuable and can be used both for base-load and peak demand. In South Australia, it is crazy to rely so much on renewable, unreliable solar and wind energy.

What we need is a new Premier who will ignore the eco-religious bunkum promoted by the United Nations, OR he should educate himself on carbon chemistry by reading Australian geologist and Professor Ian Plimer's book " Heaven and Earth" (2009) which explains carbon chemistry, global warming and climate change. The same advice needs to be followed by failed pollie Dr Hewson, who advises Premier Weatherill on these energy matters. South Australians have had enough of our valuable resources being bastardized by these foolish Green loonies.
Regards from Allano

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