Sunday, June 5, 2016



It is comforting to live in the Brighton and Hove suburban region of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, and on Dunrobin Road, which is named after the famous castle in Sutherland, Scotland. This post is to give support to the UKIP people who are working so hard to bring about success in the coming Referendum and BREXIT.

Every city and town in Australia and New Zealand has a war memorial honouring our fallen soldiers in past overseas conflicts. . At Brighton jetty we have the Arch of Remembrance with soldier's names for WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Malaya, and Borneo. Their sacrifice must not be in vain.

I was too young to go to war, but my two older brothers survived the WW2 North African campaigns, with Harry in the artillery, and Jim in the infantry, ending up spending 3 years in a German prisoner- of- war camp. Our NZ family was lucky, for many others didn't come back. We are very thankful to the Americans for protecting NZ and Australia in the Pacific whilst most of our soldiers were in Europe fighting Nazi Germany.

Boris Johnson MP and ex Mayor of London, likens the Brussels EU brigade to the dictators of the Nazi Germany, for they have achieved control of Europe by skullduggery without fighting a war. All 28 countries are worse off than they were when joining the union. They want OUT now......first the UK on the 23 of June, then maybe France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and so on, will follow suite.

The Commonwealth countries take a dim view of the British becoming subject to the stupid laws and regulations of the European Union, our former foe when Nazi Germany. We will always support you in trade and conflict if any, until you are free from this tyranny again, and ready to challenge the world with your know-how. Three Cheers for UKIP and BREXIT.
Regards from Allano

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