Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hate propaganda spewed by The Age and ABC TV

The Age newspaper is out of control with it's biased journalism wanting PM Tony Abbott to fail. Likewise we get the same daily spewing of anti-Abbott and anti-carbon propaganda on the 7.30pm "TV News" .Why can't the ABC (Australian Bullshit Corporation) be made to operate within it's Charter and present fair reporting of events, instead of trying to invent news that is traitorous to our country?

The latest outrageous spin is to blame PM Tony Abbott for the alleged spying or hacking of phones of Indonesian officials. This was supposed to have been done in 2009 when Kevin Rudd was PM and has nothing to do with Tony Abbott.

The ABC TV (like the BBC)continues to pour forth ridiculous propaganda about the dangers of CO2 emissions and how we must strive for a low-carbon economy, which means abandoning carbon fuels in favor of costly wind mills and solar plants. Pox on them all. CO2 is good stuff and must be cherished. Our future prosperity depends on burning fossil fuels and will be for at least another 200 years.