Thursday, October 25, 2012

The wind farm SCAM in Australia and the USA

The monster storm engulfing the East Coast of the US demonstrates the stupidity of people relying on wind farms for electricity supply. Not only are wind farms uneconomic and supply only a dribble of electricity when and if the wind is blowing at a suitable speed, they are NOT WEATHERPROOF and can be wiped out by a storm or bush fire. In contrast, coal-fired power stations are very compact and provide the cheapest electricity and are WEATHERPROOF. They also release to the atmosphere valuable free fertilizer in the form of CO2. The idea that we should move to a low carbon economy is just eco-religious bunkum.

In Australia we are experiencing a continual rise in the price of electricity. My last power bill increased by 20% with a cost to consumers of 30 cents per Kilowatt hour. South Australia, where I live, also has the most wind farms of all States, 28 at present and no sign of it stopping since we have the incompetent Labor Government of Premier Weatherall.

In the USA the situation is similar with President Obama promoting wind energy where ever it is to his political advantage, irrespective of power costs to the consumer. In contrast, Mitt Romney sensibly promotes the use of carbon fuels, oil, gas and coal with the objective of the US becoming energy independent. Renewable energy sources, such as wind, are barely mentioned.

People are kept in the dark about the non-viability of wind farms and the SCAM involved. Two important articles on the subject are as follows:

US scene: "Twenty Bad Things About Wind Energy, and Three Reasons Why"

Australian scene: "Facts about "clean" energy. Wind and Solar are worse than coal"
Also "Myths About Renewable Energy"