Sunday, May 27, 2012

Murray Darling Basin water plan again under fire..please change the SA & Federal Government!

The Murray Darling Basin revised plan is again under attack by South Australian Premier Weatherall. How mind-contracted can you get? I am referring to all the South Australian Labor pollies and the Murray Darling Basin revised plan which they reject, or Premier Weatherall does, and his Green comrades. SA wants more than 2750 GL of water returned to the river for environmental flows to maintain fresh water in the Lower Lakes! What absolute bunkum. It is a stupid and wasteful idea.

Today's Australian newspaper has a front page foto of a farmer who runs 1000 cattle on Mundoo Island which forms part of the barrage system at the ocean mouth of the Murray River. He complains that the river and Coorong are getting too salty to water the stock. He and the pollies want the Basin Plan to set limits of salinity for the Lakes, river and Coorong!!!! Wow. How ridiculous can you get.

It's a bit like the supposed climate change problem. They haven't a clue whats sensible to do. The Greens have their logic tied up in knots and pointing only towards an expensive and ridiculous disaster.

I wont query the sensibility, or economics, of having a tiny cattle station on Mundoo Island, and why the adjacent water salinity levels should be adjusted, if possible, to the detriment of the whole of the Murray Darling Basin, which is the major food bowl of Australia.. no.. but I can ask what do other farmers do for water on coastal properties around Australia .. over 25,000 ? kilometers of coastline?

The Mundoo solution could be to periodically transport fresh water in by barge, or for properties on the mainland, by pipeline, just as we do for Adelaide and the northern pipeline to Whyalla and further. What about bore water, or setting up a mini-evaporative desalination plant to provide drinking water for stock?

Nothing can be done about the MDBasin Plan until the Water Act is amended to allow sensible management of the Lower Lakes that results in maintaining a stable water level during drought times by opening up the barrages to let sea water come in to the original estuarine system. Allano