Friday, August 5, 2016


We surely don't want the future of Australia as depicted by Kane Thornton, the CEO of the Clean Energy Council. The Council's very name is deceptive and Thornton would unlikely pass the four dog test for trustworthy CEOs, for.he talks like a used car salesman and then only bunkum.

Following on the disastrous weather events in South Australia and Tasmania, it has become apparent that too much reliance on renewable energy is not a good thing. Our power supply needed for industry and domestic use is not WEATHER PROOF, nor in South Australia, is the supply Premier Weatherill-proof. Even the hydro-dams in Tasmania failed us when drought conditions came, largely because of mismanagement, and their stupidity in formerly selling power to the mainland, leaving depressed dam levels, that were unable to cope with weather emergencies.

Thornton says that we are going through a transition period of phasing out coal plants and moving our energy mix towards renewables, and this is a world wide phenomenon. NOT TRUE. It 's bunkum. There is a steady increase in the use of coal and construction of new coal -fired power plants, in Japan, China, India and throughout South East Asia. This is what we should be doing too, in Australia.

We need cheap reliable power from coal. You can't run a steel works or lead smelter or any heavy industry with intermittent and unreliable power from a wind farm; they are PARASITES to the National Grid.....the wind industry is NOT WANTED in Australia. In the forthcoming National meetings of the Minister of Energy (and the Environment) Josh Frydenberg, I hope that the importance of coal and gas in our energy mix is reaffirmed and that the wind industry is told to get lost.
Cheers form Allano

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