Friday, July 8, 2016


South Australia is still on the road to economic disaster with Premier Weatherill and his Greeny team of bureaucrats at the helm.......I doubt that SA will ever recover from being bottom of the list of viable Australian States. Its landscape is strewn with useless wind turbines, that icon of the Green Movement. Thanks to Greeny Professor Flannery we have a billion dollar desalination plant in mothballs rusting away, and, like an old abandoned gold field, we have the expensive residue of an unsuccessful deep drilling geothermal company venture, all of which has been swept under the carpet (don't mention the war).

Yesterday we saw reported (The Advertiser) the latest folly of the SA Labor Government in its quest for "sustainability" or their version of a future Utopia .......the official opening of Stage one (of 3) of the Hornsdale Wind Project located north of Jamestown, SA. 32 wind turbines of the total 105, have been completed, are owned and operated by the French company Neoen, but controlled from Canberra via the network interconnector cable.

In my opinion, this is a highly undesirable development in power supply for the State, and should be halted. The supply risk factor has been totally ignored. There will be a never ending increase in the cost of electricity due to reliance on parasitic wind farms. Already heavy industry is deserting SA (auto industry, steel, other manufacturing) due to high costs of operation (power and labor).

To be viable and have a prosperous future South Australia needs a reliable base-load supply of cheap electricity. At present, and for ages, we have had the opposite, being promoted by foolish Labor governments of Premiers Rann and Weatherill, pushing renewable energy projects with the aim of making the State a World Leader in this technology, but unfortunately they opened the door to swindlers and SCAM artists with their economic disasters.

What should be done at top priority is to develop the State's natural energy resources of coal, gas, oil and uranium. SA Mines and Energy (MESA) must be able to assist in the exploration of these resources and locate the next 100 year's of supply. We also need the latest technology to be able to convert them into usable products, like electricity and suitable hydrocarbon fuels. Our local Universities must be geared up to teach the new technologies need for this advancement.

Our future prosperity depends on developing coal and hydrocarbon fuels and nuclear power. It is high time we realized this, and gave the bum's rush to present Geenie Labor Premier Weatherill and his sycophanting bureaucrats,...... out the back door with you and never to return.

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