Monday, July 16, 2012

Where to Australia? Hopefully not down the Green fascist gurgler.

Businesses large and small more readily GO OUT OF BUSINESS thru mismanagement than do Governments, where with the latter we get the opportunity to support or vote out of power every 3 years. This seems a long time at present with the fiasco of PM Julia continually promoting "reforms" (spin for stuff-ups) in every aspect of our lives, whether we want it or not.

Now we have Ken Henry, former Treasury secretary and wombat welfare enthusiast, telling us that GST rates will have to be raised above the present 10% and extended to food, health, and education. REALLY? The reason being that there is slower growth in GST raised by the states, and we must make room for personal and company tax cuts. Ho Ho Hum! What dastardly policies these Labor/Green supporters dream up in their spare time!

I remember when the GST was brought in and Costello informed us it would get rid of all the unnecessary little taxes and fees, including "payroll tax" !! Most of the states ignored the Fed and we still have payroll tax, which discourages employment.

I believe it should be made difficult for any Government (especially Labor) to gain more tax revenue because what they do get is immediately wasted on crap programs and policies that only demented Fabian socialists savour. Raising the GST makes it TOO easy for Governments to expand willy-nilly and head down the slippery slope to a Communist dictatorship, and who wants that? (Answer: the Greens).

No, Ken Henry, we do NOT change or raise the GST. The solution is to reduce Government spending by stopping the WASTAGE on hopeless and unneeded things and policies, such as:
Do we need another 12 useless homemade submarines? Better to build 6 Egyptian type pyramids which would at least be a tourist attraction. We don't want ANY of the Climate Change, Carbon Tax, Renewable Energy Target bill, plus the Clean Energy Technology Program and other Green promoting activities ... get rid of them all and save billions.. it is all based on bunkum and lies that even a bright school child could refute.

We need a good clean out of wasteful Federal departments such as the Climate Change dept, including Minister Combet himself. I am pleased to read that Campbell Newman and the LNP in Queensland have started such a clean out of Green Government bunkum in their state. Good on them. They will prosper again! That's all for now. Allano

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