Friday, July 27, 2012

Australia's new ENERGY POLICY requires flushing out of all Eco-religious Green & Labor zealots

Australia is the lucky country since we have enough known coal and gas resources to last hundreds of years at the present rate of consumption. The major problem is that there is a misguided eco-religious faction of the population hell-bent on destroying our economy by forcing everybody to use very costly solar and wind energy, for reason that it fits in with their bizarre anti-carbon belief system.

I am a geochemist by training and I take a dim view of non-chemists including ex-trade union officials, which includes PM Julia and Greg Combet, formulating the stupid destruction of the Australian economy by demonizing the element carbon and so now taxing "the big polluters" for their emissions of carbon dioxide. It is my view that power station emissions of CO2 are quite harmless and actually beneficial, being a free fertilizer, provided the power station has the usual controls over particulates and sulphur emissions.

The Greens and Labor fellow travelers are the cause of the high price of electricity in Australia now due to mandated use and subsidy of solar and wind energy and the differing infrastructure required. Get rid of wind farms, or at least STOP approving them is a start towards getting a sane energy policy and cheaper electricity.