Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"How serious is global warming"

Global warming is a non-problem. We don’t have to worry about global warming, therefore it is not of serious concern to mankind.

There is no shortage of real problems that confront us. We should be concentrating our efforts on the real problems instead of wasting our resources and research funds on the futile idea of “stopping global warming” or “stopping climate change” all of which is eco-religious nonsense. For starters we could provide clean drinking water for everybody in the world and try eliminate poverty.... but returning to global warming.

Global warming is a good thing. It happens every day when the sun rises above the horizon. I like it and so do all human beings if they have to choose between being very cold or comfortably warm. Fortunately our globe, or planet Earth, provides a wide range of climates for us to live in, broadly classified as cold, temperate and tropical. Human beings prefer by far to live in a warm climate .....
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