Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"The future of the coal industry"

...... Coal was fascinating stuff to me as a small boy. It helped develop my first interest in geology and 20 years later I graduated as a geologist. I liked building and fueling our house coal fires because it allowed me to inspect the lumps of coal which came from the distant Huntly coal field of Oligocene Age (ca. 40 million years ago).

My rock and mineral collection became enriched with specimens of fossil ferns and other leaves and plant debris, fossil gum or amber, and of pyrite and calcite crystal formations.

Those were the good old days when coal was a respected valuable fuel and everybody loved it. Today we are confronted with a conspiracy against the coal industry led by the Green movement and those politicians of both left and right, who foolishly embrace the Green anti-carbon belief system in order to win elections.

When there are two equally dominant political parties (e.g., USA, Democrat and Republican; Australia, Labor and Liberal) you can’t afford to offend the Greens by telling them they are barking mad or you will lose the election! The Chinese do not have this problem and will soon overtake the US as the world’s largest economy.

Without fully utilizing one’s coal resources the US economy will stagnate and decline whereas the Chinese economy will continue to expand and prosper.
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