Saturday, February 25, 2012

"The Anti-Carbon Virus"

Neither Kevin Rudd nor PM Julia are fit persons to be Prime Minister. Both politicians are infected with the anti-carbon virus and have enacted economically damaging legislation based on the erroneous idea that carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere constitute "pollution".

Tomorrow's Caucus poll will it seems support the continuation of PM Julia who appears to have some 2/3 of the vote. Kevin Rudd will be confined to the back bench. Both politicians are mad as hatters and dangerous to the well being of Australia. Very soon there will come the opportunity for a successful vote of no confidence in this awful Labor Government and a Federal Election will be called. The Australian people have in aggregate the sense to put out of action for a very long time the pollies Rudd, Julia, Swan, Combet, and Wong who have a bizarre understanding of climate change and carbon chemistry.

A new National-Liberal Coalition Federal Government will have the immediate task of dismantling Labor's anti-carbon legislation. The "Carbon Tax" must go immediately which is an insult to the most important element in the Periodic Table and is the basis of all life forms. How can it be a pollutant? These pollies are quite mad and are infected by the anti-carbon virus.

The Renewable Energy Target (RET) legislation must go, or made ineffectual by changing the target date from 2020 to the year 2200. This would give us a leisurely 200 years to develop new technology whilst still utilizing our enormous coal resources to generate electricity and later liquid HC fuels. The idea of moving the country to a low carbon economy must be scrapped for reason that it is a complete nonsense based on demonizing the element carbon for political purposes.

Use of fossil fuels is compatible with having a healthy environment and a prosperous economy for the next few hundred years at least. See various Helium articles on the subject:
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