Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nuclear debate is long overdue

Letter to the Editor #4, "Sunday Mail" (Adelaide), 6 Sept., 2009, (188 words)
awarded "Letter of the Week"
by Allan Taylor

Our State MP for Bright, Chloe Fox, wants to open up the nuclear power debate and so too do the Young Liberals. Both leaders Mike Rann and Isobel Redman don't want this to happen, probably because they are uncertain how the cards will fall with regard to votes.

The nuclear power debate is long overdue. Australia is seen by the world's major powers as a backward third world country with regard to nuclear technology.

I note that Chloe Fox has spent some years working in France. She knows that this country generates 80% of its electricity from 60 nuclear power stations and is a world leader in nuclear power technology. France exports electricity to neighbouring countries (Spain and Denmark) which to their misfortune have taken the Green Path and promote windmills.

Mike Rann, we don't want wind farms in South Australia. They are an ugly blot on the landscape. They are a very inefficient and costly way to generate electricity, plus being a fire hazard and bird hazard. Get rid of them.

It seems that Premier Rann has a lot to learn from "Bright" Chloe Fox.