Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Helium Articles

Firstly, I shall provide links to some of my more important climate change articles that appear on the American writers' website "Helium" (

"The purpose behind the global warming hype"
This is a satire on how I imagine life will be in the year 2020 if will meekly following our Governments' (US and Oz) push towards a de-carbonized economy. The recent US climate change bill plans to reduce GHG emissions to 17% of 2005 levels by 2020. The result will destroy the US economy if followed through.

"California takes the lead in climate change legislation"
California has much to be proud of but climate change legislation is not one of them.

"Climate change and global warming: What we should do about it"
Global warming is a non-problem and we do nothing. Climate change is always happening and we need to study it and go with the flow, i.e., adapt to changes.

"Are we really reaching peak oil?"
Depends on how you define a resource.

"Are wind farms good sources for environmentally safe energy?"
No they are not. Wind farms are ugly blots on the landscape.

And there are about 40 more such articles on the Helium website.

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